Between My Thoughts & Idealisms

The translation of human experience into an artful literary presentation is the art of writing. Writing is a careful craft that follows certain literary techniques. While writing, you go miles away with your imagination, you can transform reality into a fantasy world, you can meet exciting characters. But a story won’t come out of the blue, it takes previous planning. You can have a very good idea, but you need to put your mind in order.

who am i

I published my first novel “Etzhara” by the biggest traditional publisher in Indonesia and took me as one of the best young writers under thirty at Khatulistiwa Literary Award in 2009. My second Psychological-Mystery novel “Dream”, however, was the one that made me an overnight success. I then began to receive many invitations to attend book signings, talk shows, radio interviews and other literary activities. My Amazon Best Seller in Psychological-Suspense fiction, “The Unseen Face”, brought me to be an international author.

I am based in no place, as I am still searching for a place to call ‘home’.

Joannes Rhino

i write with passion

Writing is an addiction. It’s like a drug that alters my state of mind, and channeling the characters in the book is the ultimate high. Sometimes I bent the rules, letting my leg fell asleep and my neck cricked because I couldn't bother to adjust my body position. Sometimes I got so lost in the fictional world I was creating that it was more real than reality. Though one fix is never enough, I am constantly pushing the boundaries and looking for the next high.

Those with limited willpower will no doubt find themselves parting with hard earned cash to fuel their addiction, travelling your mind even deeper to discover a new fantacy land inside your head, which will only dig you deeper. Often we are so blinded by our addiction that at times we can’t even see the forest for the trees. We push away loved ones that might stand in our way and sometimes even selfishly try to get them hooked.

Addicts will be all too familiar with the withdrawal symptoms should they be forced to abstain. If you’ve recently become aware of your addiction you may surprised to learn there is no cure… but please take little comfort knowing you are not alone.

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