How To Write Quality Articles

Writing articles is probably the best way of promoting your website these days. It gives you the chance to seriously increase the amount of backward links your website has, links which are also on a one way basis and helps you to spread your message and website across the net.

In this article I describe how to write these articles to make the biggest impression and to get the maximum impact.

Article length

Your article should not be too long, the reader should be able to read your article in between three and five minutes.

Keep it simple

Not everyone who reads articles on the internet are brain surgeons. Keep it simple by using easy to understand text.

Short paragraphs

Keep each paragraph fairly short, on average about three to five lines.

Make it interesting to read

When writing, try to write from the heart with a passion. Keep the reader interested and make it fun.

Give the reader a reason to read the article

The article should have lots of free advice and information which is likely to be of use to the reader.

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